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作者(外文):Po-hsi Chen
論文名稱(外文):Field of Nightmares and Memories of Shame: The Cultural Representations of Baseball Scandals in Taiwan
指導教授(外文):Chih-ming WangAmie Parry
外文關鍵詞:Taiwanese baseball scandalsphantasmatic spaceshamepenumbrainterpellation
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弔詭的是,儘管迭受道德非議,醜聞卻不期然間為當代體育史打開一個「幻影空間」(phantasmatic space)。在這片潛意識的「夢田」中,遭到壓抑的魑魅魍魎、負面情感,漸次浮現於屏幕之上,觀眾得以直面殞落的球星,並在他們演繹己身的羞恥之際,在象徵的層次上達成和解的可能。因此,本文選擇前此論者較少觸及的電影文本為切入點,希望藉此透過羞恥的詢喚(interpellation),呈現此前為醜聞所遮蔽模糊的面目,亦即棒壇醜聞的「罔兩」及其羞恥感。
The 1968 “Red Leaf Legend” had been constructed as the genesis of Taiwanese baseball. In the post-martial law era, however, the overage/forgery incident at the underside of the legend has been the central focus of sociological critique against the Kuomintang’s nationalist sports policy. From the late 1990s on, the recurrent professional baseball game-fixing scandals has made the Red Leaf a point of departure to intervene with modern baseball history. Despite their socio-historical differences, 1968 and 1997 mark the stories of disillusionment at two different phases in Taiwanese baseball history: the former as the disenchantment of a nationalist myth constructed during authoritarian regime, while the latter, the corruption of post-martial law commercial society. In this regard, Taiwanese baseball scandals are characterized by a pride-and-shame oxymoron since the Red Leaf, which is a crucial symptom in understanding contemporary representations of Taiwanese baseball culture.
Paradoxically, though subject to moralist condemnations, scandals have unexpectedly opened up a phantasmatic space for contemporary sports history, in which the repressed penumbral figures and backward feelings re-surface on the screen. In this field of dreams (or nightmares), the spectators are interpolated to come face-to-face with the fallen heroes, and reach the possibility of reconciliation with the latter. Thus, this study anchors less attended visual representations as the object of analysis, so as to reveal the faces heretofore obscured by scandals.
Chinese Abstract |i
English Abstract |ii
Acknowledgments |iii
Chapter One
In Search of the Face of Taiwanese Baseball (Scandals) |1
Chapter Two
Hu’s Afraid of the Red Leaf Legend?
Taiwanese Nationalist Baseball Myth and Its Post-Martial Law Oxymoron |18
Chapter Three
Re-mentioning the “Don’t Mention Again”
The Economy of Shame, the Black Eagles Incident and Winds of September |54
Chapter Four
The Emergence of the Discourse of Shame in Taiwanese Baseball |78
Bibliography |85
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